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This time - we went to Stockholm, Sweden.

As a city surrounded by 30,000 islands and enriched with history and culture, slick design and creative local movements, Stockholm has a special glow as Sweden’s capital. The best things to do in Stockholm are often outside; a breath-taking coastal capital spreads across 14 islands, making it an epicentre for watersports and nature trips.

Stockholm instantly impresses with its charming medieval streets, immaculate rocky islands and vibrant waterfront promenades, packed with ancient buildings. But dig a bit deeper and you’ll also uncover its edgy, rough, creative (and indoor) side with trendsetting craftsmen workshops, clean Scandinavian design decor and a diverse nightlife scene, ranging from decadent floating bars to throbbing concrete clubs.

While Stockholm’s city skyline is jaw-dropping beautiful, the wider region’s jewel in the crown is its dazzling archipelago, spilling out into the Baltic Sea. Here, you’ll find thousands of islands, ranging from perfect surfing spots and sandy beaches to deserted rocky outposts, sprouting with pine trees.

- Stockholm is a true Scandinavian adventure.