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This time - we went to Wynwood, Miami!

There is certainly much more to Miami than just the infamous South Beach. Indeed, gone are the days when a visit to the Flamingo City did not venture past Ocean Drive. Now, as you walk through downtown Miami, you will notice when you have arrived in the vicinity of Wynwood Art District, Miami‚Äôs most popular neighbourhood at present. 

Just five years ago, Wynwood was the kind of place you did not want to be for too long after dark. Today, Wynwood is many things to a spectrum of people: the freedom to just be themselves, more spaces for expression and a place filled with so much character thanks to refurbished warehouses and factories reborn as cool shops, galleries and art spaces. 

Of course, we can always count on South Beach hotspots to be drawing a well-heeled crowd, though what makes for more appealing people watching and better conversation, is when the artists of Miami get together and create something. It is this very phenomenon that leads us to Wynwood.

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