We travel the world searching for people who are committed in the pursuit of their passion. People who are focused and know exactly what they want from life. People who are dedicated - just like us.

This time - we went to Hamburg, Germany.




One doesn’t normally think that a German city will be inherently weird or cool. - it’s Germany after all! A country known for its stoic adherence to orderliness and things that just make sense. Hamburg has always been slightly different though.

Hamburg has occupied a precarious position for centuries. As a free city-state and one of the most profitable ports in the world, it has drawn upon influences from around the world and most notably from nearby Scandinavian cuisines. In fact, ask a Hamburger and they’ll more readily identify themselves with Scandinavia and not necessarily Germany.

Because of that, people who live there are their own unique beings, and this proclivity towards the odd is seen all around the city in art, music and cuisines.

We met up with some of the new citizens of the city, took a drive on classic German wheels and had a taste of African Afrobeat which is all possible if you are in the know of where and when. Yes! You can feel it. Hamburg is drawing an international crowd to the city centre, and that makes Hamburg a little weird compared to the rest of Germany.

When all’s said and done, Hamburg’s appeal can be narrowed down to one simple calling card:


- Welcome to one of the coolest cities on earth!