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GABBA Shorts

Denim is not the only thing we do well. Our shorts are modern, made with high-quality materials and designed for maximum comfort. You can look and feel good all year round, and in the hot months, having a well-made pair of shorts can be a lifesaver. Swap out your favourite pair of denim jeans with our denim shorts, or choose from one of the many styles, colours, and fits we offer.

The classics you love - but made better

Summer is the season that is most known for having fun and being yourself. It invokes feelings of nostalgia, comfort and freedom, and we want our men to feel the same for our shorts that they do for summer. GABBA's men's shorts are designed to focus on modernised flattering fits with high-quality materials that won't leave you uncomfortable or let you down when you're out living your best life. We have put thought into every detail, like high-stretch fabric, so whatever your vacation plans are, you won't ever be held back by our clothing.

Summer is the perfect time to play and experiment with colour, and it can be daunting. Wearing a neutral oversized tee with cuffed sleeves, chino shorts, and a pop of colour on a beanie is a safe way to incorporate colour into your wardrobe without having to commit fully. Coloured accessories give you confidence and playfulness to your outfit. If you feel ready to immerse yourself and stand out in vibrance, go with our denim shorts that are versatile enough to look good with any colour you choose to pair with them - and while you're at it, have a look at our tees to see how you'd make them your own.

Innovative, impressive, iconic

There are so many different styles, cuts, and fits of shorts, and we know sometimes shorts can feel like they're not for everyone, but we don't believe that. We have a variety on display in different materials, so you can have the option to try and find what you like. We believe fashion should be based on your lifestyle and it should be personal. There is a pair of shorts out there for you. Our shorts give your outfit a sturdy foundation so that you have the freedom to build on top of it however you want.

Maybe you like athletic shorts or sweat shorts because you want to be outdoors, skateboard, or live in the city and walk everywhere. If you're making summer plans but don't want to look too relaxed, cargo shorts with a tee and a short-sleeved button overshirt are an easy way to layer and give dimension to your wardrobe. If you work outside and you're in the awkward transition months, you can layer your shorts with a hoodie or sweatshirt that you can easily pull off when it starts to warm up during the day.

Sustainable but made stylish

We are well aware of the impact clothes can make, not just on people but the environment. After 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, we know how to focus on sustainability and the right fabrics to reduce our footprint on the planet. Our sweat shorts are a part of our REDUCE line. They are made with a minimum amount of water, energy, and chemicals, using materials like organic cotton, recycled elastane, or even biodegradable fabrics. Taking the right steps to sustainability is a responsibility that we uphold, and we want to take, and we hope you take those steps with us. You can see the rest of our REDUCE line and read more about it here.