When you put on your GABBA jeans, you wear more than just another pair of denim. For more than 30 years, we have designed jeans that fit the trend of today and defines the style of tomorrow.

GABBA jeans are more than simply quality materials, unique washes, and thoughtful attention to detail. It is a dedication to denim, it is the perfect fit and it is an authentic expression, you wear with pride.

GABBA jeans - perfection since 1983

Sometimes, the most amazing thing happens when you put on your jeans. They are perfect, they make a classic white T-shirt appear a thousand times cooler, and they give you that extra confidence that makes you glow. With GABBA Jeans, it's not just sometimes. It's every time.

For more than 30 years, we have transformed raw quality materials into fashionable designs ranging from black or blue shades to green or gray colors with raw washed effects, the perfect turn up, and much more.

A fit for everyone

What makes a pair of new jeans the best in your wardrobe? Is it the price or the brand? Not necessarily.

If you ask us, it is the feeling that the individual jeans offer when you wear them. The feeling is different from person to person, but everyone agrees that comfortable fabrics and the inclusion of elastane make wonders for the movement and the fit. Some prefer a skinny fit, while others love the sense of a regular fit and some swear to a looser fit, such as a relaxed tapered model. Whichever fit you prefer, we have it in our assortment – so that you will get the right feeling from your favorite GABBA jeans every time.

Needless to say, we have an eye for a design that can be used with your other favorite items. You can easily combine your GABBA jeans with a nice shirt, tee or sweater as you set out to conquer the city wearing a combination of comfort and modern design.