GABBA Jackets

Jackets should be comfortable, they should be easy, and they should look good. We have crafted jackets that will be sure to last, and something people will notice. Whether you choose our coveted denim or something light, our men’s jackets will elevate any piece you pair it with. They balance functionality, style, and comfort in the way that every product does when it’s designed by GABBA.

Dedication to all denim

Just like with our denim jeans, we want our denim jackets to be the quality you know and have come to respect. The denim jacket has been around for hundreds of years, and it’s something that will never go out of style. It can be worn all year, with layers underneath or on top, and it can keep you warm or be something light. It’s easy to throw on with a hoodie or a white t-shirt for a timeless vintage look. It can completely change an outfit and give off a moody, edgy, or playful feel.

Our denim jackets come in two colours. They can suit your unique look depending on how you choose to style them - with denim, the options are seemingly endless. Pairing with lighter colours can give a fresh, casual look that you would wear in the spring. You can also mix and match with darker hues for the cooler seasons. Denim’s fantastic versatility lets you wear it with just about any colour and any time of year.

Giving your clothes the depth you have

People are complicated, but your clothes don’t have to be. We want to empower men to have the confidence to make their outfits more than just clothes. By living with authenticity, you can express yourself through your outfits. Experimenting with textures, materials, colours, and fits can completely revitalise your wardrobe. Fashion isn’t meant to be taken seriously, and you can create complex-looking layers that don’t have to take a lot of time. By experimenting with your wardrobe, you can use clothes to express yourself in ways that you probably didn’t know were possible.

A turtleneck paired under a longer jacket will give off drama or sophistication. An all-black look can be moody and modern while pairing a bright coloured knit can be bold. You are left to choose how to style it. Maybe you want to pair different neutrals for a brighter minimalist take on autumn. You can even give depth to your outfit by rolling up or scrunching your sleeves. It gives you the opportunity to show off cool accessories. Depending on the jacket you choose, it can also make an outfit look more casual or give coolness and edge. 

Develop your passion - unlock your creativity

Texture is an overlooked but essential part of fashion, and it can easily be incorporated and give new life to a basic. How about an overshirt that can be traded out for a wool jacket for some texture and a dimension? Or a knit under a suede jacket to add depth. But texture does not have to be limited to complete pieces. For example, a fleece vest can have a nylon pocket and be paired over a button-down, giving depth without having it get complicated.

Accessories elevate an outfit and can make it look like you put extra thought into your outfit – without the work. Using a beanie is an easy way to add colour and is another way you can bring in texture. Bags and scarfs add flavour and make the silhouette interesting while adding flow to the outfit. You can find our accessories here.

And if you’re in a warmer climate, you can always throw over a light shirt to still get a layered look without the heat. No matter how you choose to wear our jackets, you will find endless opportunities to express yourself and experiment with your style.