Meet Matthias Noirblanc aka @official.noirblanc - a creative style enthusiast who likes to express himself by adding hand painted quotes and statements to his clothes. We met him in Sweden for a talk about his dedication and to see what kind of artwork, he had made out of the items, we send him prior to our rendezvous.

Matthias, tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Matthias and I moved to Gothenburg 15 years ago to get into fashion, as most of my family is into fashion as well. I feel fashion has always been part of my DNA. At the moment I’m working as a buyer at a well-known online store, where my focus is mainly on online denim sales.

You have a distinctive look that has a special handmade style – please explain.
I love statements and quotes, and in my spare time I customize and paint statements on clothes. I have always written poetry and I love adding my point of view to clothes, customizing them in a way that stands out and gives the clothes new character and appeal.

How do you go about your designs?
I simply start sketching with a pencil and marker and let my ideas and style evolve from there. I use different media, such as spray paint, various textile paints, acrylics and a variety of markers. I make up different quotes or poems and paint them directly onto the fabric. I try to produce new designs and never paint the same statement twice. That makes all the items unique and special. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Most of my inspiration comes from graffiti, urban styles or a fashion mecca such as Tokyo, which has a great custom clothing culture.I’ve developed my own style over the past five years. I use the internet and let myself be inspired by thousands of pictures that I look through before I start a project. I often use some humour in my quotes: for, example, I use the word “Lover” where I cross out the “v” and add an “n” so the word becomes “Loner” instead. It’s my way of playing with words to produce a new meaning of the word that gives you something else to think about. I love to play with words and I try to use Swedish as much as I write my statements in English.

Are you politically orientated in your messages?
I try not to be political, but I use society as inspiration, and I try to make people relate to my statements - well some of my text may be a little political, but that isn’t my focus at all. Some of my pieces are a little “quirky”, which gives my designs a good portion of attitude, but most of all I make these items for fun. My clothes aren’t for everyone; they’re unique – and the messages on the clothes are unique as well. I always wanted to make something unique and be unique myself.

Where do you hope your dedication will take you?
I don’t really have a goal for my artwork. As long as people like my designs and hire me to paint a set of clothes for them, then that’s fine with me. I go with the flow and have great fun while I’m doing it. It’s all good! This collaboration with GABBA is the first collab that I’ve done. I really like the GABBA style, so it’s easy for me to relate to the brand image. The quality of the clothes is really good for painting. They’re like a fresh canvas on which I can produce a work of art.

 I see my items as collections of poems and sentences. And I can see that people of all ages are impressed by the poems and styles that I design on clothes. People like the style because the clothes are arty and stand out as one-off items. You can buy expensive designer brands, but they’ll always be products of mass production that are worn by lots of other people, even though you paid a lot of money for them.

These clothes are unique. It’s real design and has a distinctive character. It’s the real deal – and has my signature all over it! Love it or hate it… it’s all me!